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It Adds Up Quickly

iOS iconAnalyze your iOS spending habits with App Store Expense Monitor, a free desktop application for Mac.  App Store Expense Monitor goes through all of the apps in your iTunes folder and generates a sortable list of App name, developer, category, and price.  You can choose the currency.

I try out a lot of apps on my iPhone, iPod Touch, and iPad, and I mean a lot of apps.  In fact, I was rather surprised at how many.

Since I began downloading apps from the Apps Store, I have downloaded a total of 502 of them!  Frankly, I was shocked. iOS apps have been available for over 4.5 years. That means I average downloading over 100 apps a year.

About half of the apps I have downloaded are free apps, but 90 of the apps cost $4.99 or more. Eleven apps cost $19.99 or more. The two most expensive apps I have are navigation apps and when their prices are combined weigh in at a whopping $180.  The average cost for all of the apps I’ve downloaded is $2.73.

AppList iconThis company has another interesting little app:, which will look at your selected devices’ backup in iTunes and create a list of all of the apps on that selected device.  If you wish, you can upload a list for each of your devices to their servers and share the link to your lists through email, Facebook, or Twitter.  The web site is nicely styled and provides those with whom you share your lists a description of each app, the price, and a link to the app in the App Store.  The is a beta product, and the prices are currently displayed in euros and sometimes the app description is in German.

I currently have 275 apps on my second generation iPad, 240 apps on my first generation iPad, and 232 apps on my iPhone.  So I load about half of the apps that I’ve downloaded over the years onto my devices.  Only a small handful of those apps do I use frequently.