The Week in Review

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Lots of interesting odds and ends this week; so, I thought I’d share…

I Said I Never Would!  I always said I would never join Facebook, and, well, I did.  I always insisted I would never get a tattoo, and, well, when in LA …  So, what do you think? *

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SpacerSarah Palin’s Movie Opens in limited distribution as a teaser to draw in crowds. A reporter in Orange County, California, went to interview people as they left the theater after the movie. Turns out he was the only person in the theater. The theater attendant asked him why he just didn’t go to the Harry Potter movie.  (Story here.)

Netflix and Apple Killing the DVD? Apple has made no secret about the fact they will not ship a computer with a Blu-ray DVD player in it, claiming the medium was dead before it ever started. (I always thought they just didn’t want to pay the licensing fee.) Now Netflix splits out their DVD mail out service as a separate fee. Many speculate they want customers to abandon physical DVDs for their streaming service. I suspect we should all beware of growing dependent on the cloud. The cloud reduces the operating costs of Apple and Netflix content delivery services, offloading them to the internet service providers while giving these companies more control over your content. (Read my recent Netflix rant.)

Airline Fees Rack Up. The airline industry has learned from the telecom and banking industries: gouge customers with endless fees and you can rake in billions of dollars a year–literally! Senator Rockefeller is calling for an investigation into telecoms’ hidden fees. I suggest he do the same for airlines. Apparently the government, with all of its new regulations, agreed to allow the banks to continue to rob us blind.  (Story here.)

Lion Scrolling Behavior Changes. When I first bought my iPad, I had a lot of difficulty getting in the habit of scrolling the screen in the opposite direction I scroll the screen on the computer. Now, with Lion, desktop scrolling will become just like scrolling an iOS device. I’ve installed Scroll Reverser on my desktop machine, a free utility that mimics this scrolling behavior in Snow Leopard. It has been really difficult for me to get into this new habit. Maybe this will be less challenging in Lion as it apparently has no scrollbars to pull down to make the content window go up.

Apple Computer Market Share Growth continues with Apple now having over 10% of the computer market share. Former Microsoft employee Robert Scoble says in this TWIT episode that there is a reason the overwhelming majority of people who once worked at Microsoft, and the vast majority (high 90%) of attendees at all of the national and international techie conferences now all own Mac computers. I personally think that Apple is no longer a niche market but a mainstream cultural phenomenon. I’m not sure if that’s good or bad. (Story here.)

1970’s Dallas TV Show Returns.  Mother will be elated that one of her very favorite night time soaps from the 1970’s, Dallas, will be returning to TV in the summer of 2012 and will even feature Larry Hagman as J.R.. (Story here.)

Online SLR Camera Simulator, CameraSim, allows users to interact with the camera controls and see what the resulting photograph would be.  This is a great tool to teach what the various controls on your SLR and many smaller digital cameras  actually do.  Check it out.

Most Frequent Flier Ever?  I can’t imagine flying 10,000,000 miles, and that’s miles actually in the air, but that’s what Tom Stuker did!  Over 6,000 flights since 1982.  United has named a 747 in his honor.  Read the story.

Enhancing Security of WP.  I’ve been enhancing the security of my WordPress blog and came across, among other things, the 5G Firewall.  It’s really interesting.  If you find any issues with my site, let me know.

Cash for Your Old Electronics Gadgets!  I had never heard of Gazelle, a website that offers you cash for your old electronics gear that you never use anymore.  They will pay me $200 for my old iPhone!  I think I’m going to take advantage of this site as I have lots of old gear that I no longer use.

Bob Jones University and Racism.  Bob Jones University recently quietly renamed one of their residence halls which had been named Bibb Graves since it was first built on the Greenville, SC, campus many years ago.  I lived in Graves my sophomore year of college.  Now the dorm is named Ironside Residence Hall.  I had no idea until recently that Bibb Graves, a founding member of the college’s (later to become university) board of trustees and personal friend of the founder, Bob Jones, Sr., was Grand Cyclops of the Montgomery chapter of the Ku Klux Klan.  My god!  These people are so disgusting to me.  (Source)

Bachmanns Are Victims?  According to Right Wing Watch, Bryan Fischer is claiming that Michelle Bachmann and her husband are the victims of religious bigotry and are the victims of a hate crime based on their sexual orientation.  I only need 2 words:  horse hockey!  These people are just nuts, court jesters for a day in the media.

* Of course the tattoo picture is fake.  Check out the new, free tattoo application for the iPad and iPhone, Tattoo You, and have some fun alarming your mother like I just did!

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  1. So my first comment was, OMG…he has lost his mind!!!!!! Great tat, though 🙂 THIS CRACKED ME UP! LOL!

  2. My mother took it well until she read the last line of the post where I say it’s fake. Then she went off about how my father would have been soooo disappointed. 🙂

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