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Dealing with @Verizon Is Maddening As Hell!

Verizon 4G LTE MiFiWe have one of the new 4G LTE cards from @Verizon.  I went over the data limit last month and incurred a $10 surcharge, so I want to set up My Verizon on my iPhone and iPad so I can monitor the data usage to determine if we will need a plan with greater bandwidth.

Holy $#&*, nothing could be more complicated!

First you have to figure out that all of the @Verizon services are all separate:  FIOS can’t help with 4G.  Once you finally get the correct phone number to call, the horrid automated voice menu system insists that you provide them with the wireless number you are calling about.  Hell!  I have no idea what the wireless number is for this 4G device that looks like a credit card and has no wireless number visible on it anywhere.  Finally, after going round and round with the automated voice menu system that did not recognize the number I gave it, because I wasn’t giving it one, I got a live human being.

The live human being was very nice and gave me the wireless number associated with this 4G device so I could set up the My Verizon account online, since there is no link to set it up on the My Verizon app that runs on the iPad and iPhone.  (Why?!!!!! is there no link to set up an account?!)

So, after spending some time trying to find the correct @Verizon website to set up a My Verizon account for a wireless 4G LTE card, I start setting up the My Verizon account online.  First you setup your profile.  Done.  Then Verizon sends you a temporary password.  I check my email.  The email says that, “For your security, you will not receive this password via email.  Once you retrieve your temporary password from the text message, enter it into the Create New Password page on your computer.”

What?!  I just want to stand on top of the house and scream every profanity I can think of!

To what wireless number did they send the damned temporary password?  We don’t have a Verizon wireless phone.  We have a 4G CARD, which is NOT a phone! Where did the text message go?!

I called the horrid automated voice menu system again.  Since I now knew the wireless number associated with my account, it took even longer to get to a living human being.  This guy said I needed to download an application for my computer and that this application would actually receive the text message so I could enter the password in the online setup screen for My Verizon.

Can we make it any more complicated?   Oh, but yes, we can indeed!

He gives me the direct URL for the download, thank god!  But wait!  There are dozens of downloads listed on this page!  Which one do I use?  Well, there are only 5 downloads for the 4G.  But which one of these do I use?

He tells me to pick the one for the Wireless MiFi.  Oh, OK.

What?!  It says no download is required!

Verizon Download

So now what?  He tells me that he will send me the temporary password by US Mail!  My god!  It has come to this level of lunacy?!

So I have wasted a good 1.5 hours of my time and accomplished nothing!  My fear is that when I get the stupid temporary password in the mail, hopefully by the end of the week, the web address I was using will not let me continue with the account setup!

This is completely needless!  It is inept rollout of a product.  The team that setup the process for creating a My Verizon account act as if they have no idea that Verizon has an entire product line of 3G and 4G wireless modems that don’t get text messages!  Maybe Verizon doesn’t want me to know how much data I’m using so they can make more money?  I just can’t stand it!

Because of the prices we are forced to pay, this level of incompetence just sends me through the roof!

2 thoughts on “Dealing with @Verizon Is Maddening As Hell!”

  1. You just made me very glad that I have not changed my iPhone service over to Verizon. As with so many things, the devil you know is better than the devil you don’t.

  2. So true!!! I canceled Verizon years ago as they could not get my bill correct for three cycles…even the English teacher here could do the math. However, I am sure that all providers have a weakness of some sort, so Donna’s remark is spot on!!

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