Apple’s Ca$h Re$erve Exceeds Fed Ca$h Re$erve!

Yes, apparently it’s true. U.S. Treasury now has an operating cash balance of $73.8 billion.  Apple has $76.2 billion. So the world’s most valued technology company surpasses the fiscal resources of the world’s failing super power.  This is truly an interesting time—when transglobal corporations are more powerful than the major governments of the world. Nationalism will probably continue to diminish… Continue reading


I’ve dabbled for some time now with an iPhone calendar app called Calvetica.  With the release of version 4, the app is now universal, is simply stunning on the iPad, and will now become my official mobile calendaring app. One of my favorite features of Calvetica is not having to deal with those horrid slot machine-styled rollers that are part… Continue reading

Christian Terrorism?

This term has been floated about in the national discourse about what happened in Norway. I find Mark Juergensmeyer‘s (Author of ‘Terror in the Mind of God: The Global Rise of Religious Violence”) article, Why Breivik Was a Christian Terrorist, a compelling read worth everyone’s contemplation. He makes some significant points many of us might prefer to sweep under the… Continue reading

Land of the Ambulance Chasers!

A new first… I mentioned yesterday that I was hit at the airport last Sunday while driving Rojo. Today I received not one, but two different phone calls from slimy lawyers looking to drum up business. The first left a message that included, “We want to place you in the hands of a good doctor who will make sure you… Continue reading

Apple’s Earnings Report

Business Insider has an interesting article reflecting on Apple‘s recent unprecedented earnings report.  It is the second most profitable company on the planet, behind the evil Exxon.  Here is a chart from the article, but you need to read the whole article, Mind-Melting Facts about Apple’s June Quarter.  It really is amazing!… Continue reading

@Netflix Doesn’t Get It

Apparently Netflix either doesn’t get it or they just don’t care.  Reed Hastings, the CEO of Netflix, recently said, about customers complaining angrily about Netflix’ jacking up their prices 60%, the noise level was actually less than we expected, given a 60% price increase for some subscribers. … We knew what we were getting into.” Oh, I see.  The customers … Continue reading

Amy Winehouse, RIP

I didn’t know much about Amy Winehouse.  Not long ago I stumbled into her song, Back to Black, and immediately loved her gritty, tangy, deeply soulful style rendered with her contralto voice. Apparently her very short life was a tumultuous and generally self-destructive one. I hope she rests in a peace she did not know in this world. Amy Winehouse… Continue reading