One Less Step

I really hate inefficiency when using technology.  That’s probably why I’m such a keyboard-shortcut-kinda-guy. Today I read about a cool little shortcut I read about over at Macworld—yes, this tip is only for Mac users.  When you download a .zip file, your Mac unzips it automatically.  But the original .zip file remains in your Downloads folder until you delete it… Continue reading

Two [click, click] in One!

So I’ve gone crazy with, sending enhanced pictures from my iPhone like a mad man.  Now I’ve discovered Viddy, which basically does the same thing for video, although it has some limitation since it’s a new service.  (The Facebook, YouTube and Twitter uploads failed.  I had to upload it to YouTube through the iPhone’s Photos app.)  But I suspect… Continue reading

Now This Is a Barber Shop

I remember going to the barber shop as a young child.  A haircut cost 50 cents.  My father was flabbergasted when the price went as high as a dollar.  I recall there were old men who would just sit around in the barber shop talking.  Obviously retired, this was better than black and white television. But, as with everything else,… Continue reading

Masculine, Classic, Vintage, Elegant Style

I stumbled onto several style-related blogs, all from Tumblr.  Here is a collection of photos from them, each representing the title of this post.  Each photograph is as well done as the content of the photo itself.  Click any picture to see a larger version.    … Continue reading


You’ve probably noticed that I’ve added a new widget to my sidebar: my @Instagram photos. Over the past few days I’ve become a total Instagram addict! The iPhone has a totally crappy camera; so, I never use it as a camera. (@Apple, this is inexcusable!) Well, the good people over at Instagram came up with the idea that since the… Continue reading

An Atlanta Toilet Experience…

I just returned from a very quick weekend trip to Atlanta —lovely city in late Spring when the weather is temperate. I did a lot of walking, over 15,000 steps yesterday. One of the little walks was in Piedmont Park, one of Atlanta’s historic parks, built shortly after the Civil War. The conservancy has done a magnificent job both with… Continue reading

Reflections on the Assassination

I have deliberately waited to post about the assassination of Osama bin Laden. As with everyone, I have many thoughts on this matter — some of them conflicting. First, I have no grief for the man. He was maniacal. His life energy focused on the destruction of a people, a way of life. He is an example of the ultimate… Continue reading

Shaping the Way We Actually Think

When you shape the way people think, for better or for worse, you are fundamentally changing the destiny of human kind. This list of the 10 people who are “New Thought Leaders” interesting and fairly on target from my perspective. 10. Hillary Clinton —we can now see a woman as president of the USA 9. David Chase (creator of The… Continue reading