Mr. Harold Camping

Making a List & Checking It Twice…

Mr. Harold Camping
Mr. Harold Camping

OK, if you’re easily offended by jokes about religious matters, don’t read this post. It might offend you.  (It’s not meant to offend.)

Surely you know by now that Jesus is returning on Saturday, May 21, 2011 at about 6:00PM, but I don’t know for sure in what time zone though speculation is Pacific Time, because that’s where Mr. Harold Camping (pictured), the man who has made this revelation, is based.

For those of you who are not religiously steeped in the fundamentalist’s teachings of Revelations, some Christians believe that Jesus will return for the rapture to take all of the Christians from the planet before the final judgement day.  There’s lots of disagreement about the details (pre-millennialsts, post- millennialists, and that’s just the tip of that iceberg), but Mr. Camp is assured the rapture will happen this Saturday.

Now, regardless of the fact that he got the date wrong when he last predicted Jesus would return in 1994, this time Mr. Camping is so convinced, he is driving his Judgement Day bus all over the country blasting the last trumpet in these final hours.  (I’ve heard this kind of “end times” preaching since my childhood.  Many dates were given.  All of them have passed.  Many monetary collections were taken.  Doubtless, all of that money was spent.)

I stumbled into this “bucket list” (you know, things to do before you “kick the bucket”) by a blogger of things he recommends everyone do before the 21st.  He wrote the post 3 days ago; so, now you only have 3 days left, not the 6 in his list.  Here are are few from the list:

  1. “What’s in your wallet?” If you’re the average American consumer, lots of credit cards. You have 6 days to max them out. So – Charge!
  2. According to, home values are going to continue to fall throughout 2011 – but you will be out of here in 6 days, so skip that next mortgage payment.
  3. Since The Rapture occurs on Saturday, take the Friday before to let everyone at work know exactly the way you feel about them.
  4. Forget #3 – Just skip work this week. What are they going to do?
  5. If you’ve never married then get your girl (or guy) and book it to the courthouse. Bring cash for the paperwork.
  6. If you are married, I’m betting it will take her (or him) longer than 6 days to even realize you’re missing.
  7. At 5:59PM, May 21, 2011 be in the middle of a large crowd, look up and say, “Beam me up!”

Source:  A Pre-Rapture “Bucket List”

One of my friends was in New York City last weekend and said there were people in Times Square with signs.  Another has suggested that the world might be a better place if these radical extremists were to suddenly just – poof – actually vanish from the planet.  Jim Jones had a similar idea, didn’t he?  But he sort of carried his out.

I’m really not trying to be unkind, but:  Do these people really believe this?  Are they actually going through their bucket list?  How do they make sense of all of the previous dates that have come and gone?  Is this just attention-seeking–their 15 minutes?  Is this a grab for money?  Is this cult-like mind control?  Is it a reason to live or a desperate need to escape?

I don’t know.  I guess I just find it sad, really.

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