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One Less Step

Archive Utility IconI really hate inefficiency when using technology.  That’s probably why I’m such a keyboard-shortcut-kinda-guy.

Today I read about a cool little shortcut I read about over at Macworld—yes, this tip is only for Mac users.  When you download a .zip file, your Mac unzips it automatically.  But the original .zip file remains in your Downloads folder until you delete it manually.  Annoying!

Well, with the simple change of a preference setting, you can have your Mac automatically delete the original .zip or place the .zip in the Trash until you empty it.  I tried it.  Works like a charm.

Here’s how to do the same on your machine:  Find the Archive Utility which is hidden deep in the bowels of your machine in System/Library/CoreServices.  Launch the Archive Utility application.  In the menu bar under Archive Utility, select Preferences and simply change the setting

Archive Utility Preferences
Archive Utility Preferences