Manhattan Beach Sunset - via Instagram


Manhattan Beach Sunset - via Instagram
Manhattan Beach Sunset - via Instagram

You’ve probably noticed that I’ve added a new widget to my sidebar: my @Instagram photos. Over the past few days I’ve become a total Instagram addict!

The iPhone has a totally crappy camera; so, I never use it as a camera. (@Apple, this is inexcusable!)

Well, the good people over at Instagram came up with the idea that since the photos from the iPhone generally look horrible, why not create a series of retro image filters that can at least make the photos the iPhone takes look more interesting. You can even do a faux tilt-shift.  So they created the Instagram iPhone App and an entire photo sharing community.

Manhattan Beach Sunset
Manhattan Beach Sunset - Original

I’m including one of my photos (top right) after it was “Instagramed.”  You can see the before and after.  (Obviously the original (left) was not shot with an iPhone but my Canon 5DmkII.)

When I snap a photo using Instagram, I can send it (normally or after applying tilt-shift and/or one of a variety of retro photo filters) to Facebook, to Twitter, to as many email addresses as I quickly choose from a list I predefined, to Flickr, and more. And with the WordPress Instagram Widget, I also include them in a rotating banner on my blog.

A whole ecosystem is growing up around Instagram. I like Carousel, an inexpensive desktop client that, like Twitter for photos, brings in the new photos from people I follow on Instagram.