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Well, I was in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada, over the weekend.  While I was there I walked, and walked, and walked, and …

I set a new walking record for one day:  On Saturday, April 23, 2011, I walked 21,168 steps, or 10.13 miles!  I walked from Granville Island, to Vancouver, through Stanley Park, along the north shore, and around North Vancouver.  Yes, definitely a record!

I read an article about research results on why some people gain more weight than others when the eating and exercise variables are controlled.  The conclusion:  people who stand more, use many small muscles in small motions through out the day.  This fact seems correlated with their ability to keep their weight more easily under control.  Interesting.  Walking make help for more reasons than one.  The person recommending the article is building himself a standup desk to avoid sitting behind a computer screen all day long.

I’m working on the photos.  Soon.

4G Verizon MiFi

I’m a geek.  I hate @AT&T.  I prefer @Verizon.  AT&T’s advertisement campaign, “We’ve got you covered.” is total horse @#&$, if you ask me.  Thanks for asking.  AT&T’s coverage in Los Angeles is horrid!  Frequently I can’t even get 3G and suffer on their Edge network.

I’ve used a Verizon 3G MiFi card to meet my data needs for my iPad and for my AT&T iPhone, since AT&T’s data service is such utter crap in this remote region of the world.  Well, a 4G Verizon MiFi has been welcomed to the household.  I am amazed at how blistering fast it is compared to AT&T’s 3G network and especially their disgusting Edge network.

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