Los Angeles As Seen from the Griffith Observatory

Thanks, Rumors, & Rambling Around

Los Angeles As Seen from the Griffith Observatory
Los Angeles As Seen from the Griffith Observatory (Click to enlarge.)

I received many well wishes via email, phone calls, cards, text messages, and Facebook posts. Odd how birthday wishes have so changed over the years! Thanks to everyone for thinking of me.

My favorite present so far: the horrendously loud and noisy neighbors lost their rental agreement and had to move. I know that sounds unkind, but you didn’t have to live near them!  And now, I don’t either!

  1. Based on what they said to one of their next door neighbors, the rumor in the hood is that they were adopting children to collect government checks.  I’m not sure how many children they actually had, but it really did seem like they were running a day care out of the house.
  2. Based on a phone conversation the father had that was overheard (I told you, they were very loud!) the owner of the house was aged, in very poor health, and in a nursing home. They feared that when the owner died, they would be forced by those managing the estate to leave.
  3. The “man of the house” was rumored to be a minister. They were among the few people in Manhattan Beach to actively support and make their support known for Prop 8. Interesting to me, Manhattan Beach is one of the top 10 most expensive neighborhoods in the US but is very liberal and progressive on social issues.  Their overt campaigning didn’t go over very well in the hood.
  4. And, one final note: I won’t be awakened any more between the hours of 2AM and 4AM by all of the lights and noisy rattlings of a loud diesel semi left running, by the neighbor, in the road for about 30 minutes just outside the bedroom. Apparently he had multiple jobs so they could afford the rent.

Now the house is empty. Construction crews are fixing it up. (It even had a hole on the outside side of the house into the kitchen!) It will go on the market soon for around $1.2 million. (It’s a really small, tiny house.  No wonder they stayed outside so much.)  I’m surprised the estate is spending any money on it at all.  It’s probably one of the original houses in the hood.  These are most typically called “tear downs.”  When they go on the market, they are sold for the value of the land, demolished, and a new, large, luxury house built on the land.

Hopefully the person/people who buy it will blend better into the hood and not be so “present.”

Here are some pictures from my day roaming around Griffith Observatory.

Los Angeles as Seen from Griffith Observatory
Los Angeles as Seen from Griffith Observatory (Click to enlarge.)
The Griffith Observatory
The Griffith Observatory (Click to enlarge.)
The Hollywood Sign as Seen from Griffith Observatory
The Hollywood Sign as Seen from Griffith Observatory (Click to enlarge.)

3 thoughts on “Thanks, Rumors, & Rambling Around”

  1. We will be headed to Southern California with the girls (Now aged 13 and 18) in June. Please recommend your favorite “Must See”! We will be visiting Santa Monica, Hollywood, Beverly Hills, and on to Long Beach, Laguna beach, Venice Beach, and lastly to San Clemente to visit friends. They have a condo in Baja (Rosarita) where we will be for the last leg of the trip. We are excited to show the girls beautiful California!!

    1. How time flies!

      Sounds like you’ve got it covered and will have a great trip. I hope we don’t have too much of the “June Gloom” while you’re here. The marine layer can be heavy at that time of year. I’ll be in Australia much of June, but call when you’re here just in case I’m in town.

      You might want to consider driving along the Pacific Coast Hwy (PCH or Route 1, same thing) as you head south so you can see the ocean. In places, it’s really beautiful. Maybe in a future visit you can drive up the coast on Route 1 with a stop at Point Lobos (one of my very favorites). It’s stunning! [You probably already know that!]

      You guys will have a blast!

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