Conrad, the Animaux Sauvage, the iBeast

Conrad Update

Conrad, the Animaux Sauvage, the iBeast
Conrad, the Animaux Sauvage

So, this morning Conrad seemed to be in a bad mood at the hospital . The doctor said she thought it was a reaction to the pain medication. He is urinating fine, and his urine is less bloody.

This afternoon the vet called and said that Conrad was doing well.  “He’s urinating up a storm and appears to be keeping his bladder empty.”  It’s a normal size now.  He also managed to pull the catheter out.  Even with it out, he is still emptying his bladder.

So the doctor thinks I can come pick him up and take him home.  I’ll just need to monitor that he continues to urinate normally.

They should have him ready in a few minutes.  I need to go clean out his litter box now.

[My guess:  Conrad said, “To hell with this thing and this place.  I’m going home.  Go call the dude to pick me up, NOW!”

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