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Wake UpThe Republican Party, with its needless 2 wars costing trillions of dollars in Iraq and Afghanistan, and its trillion dollar bailout of the greedy, self-serving bank executives who then gave themselves hundreds of millions of dollars in bonuses on the backs of people who actually DO pay taxes (Yes, don’t forget for one second that George W. Bush was the one who began the wretched bailout of his big buds that rob Americans blind with usurious banking fees adding up to billions in profits.), and then their inflexible demand that the richest 400 people in this nation avoid paying their fair share of taxes, is the party that caused the budget crisis in Washington.

The fact that thinking American people actually believe the Republican noise machine‘s [email protected]#$% that it’s the free-loading, lazy welfare thugs soaking us dry ASTOUNDS me. This is the Republican party‘s war on the poor and the middle class (attacks on the unions and the pension funds that hard working people EARNED contractually)!

The Republicans have played their hand brilliantly. The financial crisis that they have created is now empowering them to achieve their evil fiscal objectives as well: privatize public education, dismantle social security, destroy medicare, and kill health insurance.  In other words, take away everything that helps real, ordinary, working class people survive!  Take all of the tax revenue from the little powerless people, and build more weapons for warfare (it is virtually the only thing made in America anymore!), more airport scanners to keep fear and control instilled in the little powerless people, and more surveillance equipment to monitor the little powerless people.  And then, because little powerless people can no longer afford to put food on the table, make them have to go off to pointless wars to get killed and maimed for life.  And for goodness sake, don’t pay for their housing or their medical costs.  Force them to live on the streets.

I loath the maniacal, sociopathic, immoral behavior of the corporate ruling elite. Americans need to stop buying from the corporations, shop local*, and take your money out of the too-big-too-fail corporate banks.  Stop using credit cards.  Hit them in the pocket books and hit them hard.  Demand the system restructure by putting your money where your values are.  Turn off the stupid noise machine that repeats lies until people believe them.  Stop being distracted by pointless social issues that are only being used to distract the powerless little people from the significant failures of corporations, church, and  government—the very institutions that are supposed to keep people from being victimized by greed, avarice, and an immoral capitalist system that is robbing people and the earth today while stealing from the future.

If it isn’t too late already, my God, wake up America, and DO SOMETHING that matters! Demand government that takes care of people not corporations as they obviously no longer give a damn about our citizens—just their money.  I am so angry at the sheer immorality of this current situation and the fact that the people in churches on Sunday morning are not outraged over this pure evil and actively campaigning against it.

Tweet from Daniel Sieradski (@mobius1ski):  No Paul Ryan, the biggest driver of our debt is not entitlement programs, it’s corporate welfare & military spending!

* Yes, I know it actually costs more to shop local, but that’s the price of paying for a real American’s job and not shipping that job off shore to people that are being treated as slave laborers.

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  1. @Gregg Your point is not at all lost. The Democrats are just about as complicit as the Republicans. I do draw a distinction between inheriting a mess (remember Clinton handed the Bush Administration a significant surplus) and managing a mess. The White House has disappointed me, to be sure. But I personally think we would all be well served to realize that the extreme conservative movement in this country has consistently demonstrated an unyielding allegiance to corporate moneyed interests, including the military and security industrial complex. Without doubt many Dems go along for that ride as well. My gut is telling me if we don’t change course in the very near future, start taking care of people, investing in the nation’s infrastructure and its people, adding jobs at home, giving everyone a fair chance for the American Dream, we have no idea how bad this is going to get when it all comes crashing down. America will become the largest 3rd world nation on the planet as the wealthy walk off scot-free. (That’s an interesting expression. Not sure I even spelled it right. Wonder now where it came from! Just looked it up: It means exempt from the royal tax. Scot was an old English word for tax. Ironic, isn’t it.)

  2. @Gregg And I’m not sure term limits will do much to address the issues long term. Term limits would simply mean the corporate interests would have to turn over their elected lackeys after 4 years–which would be no big deal for the politicians who would then just continue their careers as lobbyists and TV commentators. I go back to the ideas I set out in the post as only the beginnings of a conversation on what will create long term systemic change. I also think Larry Lessig has some great ideas on fundamental reform for Congress as well. See my blog’s side bar for more information on his Change Congress initiative.

  3. guess what , Obama and the democrats past the trillion dollar bailout and and it is there watch to contend with bank execs , who will be making millions on bonus’s again this year , so it politics , get with the program! whoever is in the whitehouse spends money and lots of it . Obama sent more troops into afganistan, also , so why not throw all the politicians in the white house out and let’s all serve them a plate of term limits !

  4. good points Tim , We have to start somewhere. They need to know the AMERICAN people are together on this ! SO we can’t be divided on who spends more money , or who got us here .Complacency got us HERE, plain and simple .Your right….. only competent men that have integrity , will fix the issues long term . Also , we have definitely dug a whole and the world is going to change the major currency , so get ready…it will get worse . We have to change thier Term limits ,all politicians want a 20% pay increase and a bettter healthcare (for them ). WE need pay freezes, then move to cut out the lobbists and STOP the lacing of congretional bills with pork. So I’m with ya, lets just stop blaming the rep or the dems. We can bitch about, this guys did this and that, but if we want to fix these issues long term,we need to stand up and throw them out , I want all the Senators , Congrssman and Government officals to be on the same Healthcare , that is when it will get fixed .

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