Absolutely True!

The Republican Party, with its needless 2 wars costing trillions of dollars in Iraq and Afghanistan, and its trillion dollar bailout of the greedy, self-serving bank executives who then gave themselves hundreds of millions of dollars in bonuses on the backs of people who actually DO pay taxes (Yes, don’t forget for one second that George W. Bush was the… Continue reading

Conrad Update

So, this morning Conrad seemed to be in a bad mood at the hospital . The doctor said she thought it was a reaction to the pain medication. He is urinating fine, and his urine is less bloody. This afternoon the vet called and said that Conrad was doing well.  “He’s urinating up a storm and appears to be keeping… Continue reading

Phonofone III

The Phonofone III is a clever, beautiful, acoustic audio enhancer, or passive amplifier, exclusively for the iPhone. It uses no electricity, just provides an acoustic shell that boosts the volume of the iPhone about 10db making it roughly 4x louder than the iPhone’s own internal speakers. As you can see from the pictures below, it is a conversation starter. However,… Continue reading