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Tromsø and the Northern Lights

I’ve been to Tromsø in the summer.  I loved it.  I loved all of Norway.  Now, I have to go back during the winter so I can shoot the Northern Lights.  I had no idea they were so pronounced this far south, even though Tromsø is in the Arctic Circle.

Having been so enchanted by this place, I’ve paid attention to its weather patterns through the years. Tovesørensen, our guide on the “glacier walk” (see the link), always said that, because of the gulf stream, the weather wasn’t severe “if you were well dressed.” I always thought he was just so brutally physically fit that -30ºF would be no big deal to him. After all, he completed numerous marathons, triathlons, and the iditarod. But he was right. The temperature is rarely as low as the teens! I think I could survive this for a week or two in the winter!

Picking a single image from the video to represent the video on the main blog page was terribly difficult!  This video is just filled with gorgeous shots!