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The Death of Privacy

For years, I’ve been saying this would happen.  Apparently, it’s about to.

Google will release a mobile app that will allow anyone with a cell phone camera to snap and upload a picture of any person to Google’s search engine.  Google will return the name, address, phone number, web sites written by and about, who knows what all.  They have had the capacity to do this for years but have resisted it because of the public’s concerns for privacy.

They insist that people will have to opt in to afford us with security and privacy.  Right.  And how long will that last?!

You know, I think Corporate America is worse than Big Brother, and both of them are watching you, carefully.  Source:  CNN

5 thoughts on “In the News…”

  1. interesting…….can’t imagine that it could work all that well. Different pictures from the same person can look so different.

  2. Interestingly, iPhoto, the photo management software for the Apple computer, has face identification technology built into it. You start naming the faces, and it quickly learns and works its way through all of the remaining photos to identify everyone. Its accuracy is astounding, even alarming.

  3. I’ve seen Facebook do that with photos – suggests the friend to tag – it either gets it completely right, or doesn’t try. Not sure how it does it.

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