Manhattan Beach Pier Sunset

One of the All Time Greats

Manhattan Beach Pier SunsetI have seen a handful of stunning sunsets in my lifetime. I’ve only taken pictures of one of them.

Tonight, here in Manhattan Beach, was one of the all time greats, ranking up there with the photos I shot of the sunset at Muir Beach. Once again, I didn’t have my good camera with me. I took several pictures with the iPhone, but they were all hideous in the lower light.  This one, which doesn’t even show the most spectacular area of the sky, is the only one that wasn’t terribly blurred.

The clouds were expansive and just continued to get brighter and more vivid. The intensity and pervasiveness of the color was surreal.  Just unspeakable.

One of the neighbors who lives directly on the ocean was taking pictures from his balcony as I walked by. He said it was the best sunset he had ever seen there.


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