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Profound Sadness

Japan MapPerhaps because I spent so much time in Japan, in Tokyo and in Arao, in the south of the country, I feel so very sad for the poor Japanese people in this time. I stayed with a Japanese family, laughed with them, ate with them.  They are so gentle and kind, so gracious and hospitable. Regrettably, they trusted the titans of industry, just as we naïvely do here in the USA.

The earthquake, the tsunami, and now the situation with the nuclear reactors is probably unspeakably bad. When reading the press releases, they are so carefully worded to minimize what is without doubt going to become a horror of the first magnitude. And now the crews have been removed from the site. Apparently a melt down is inevitable.  To have this happen to these people of all people…

I wonder if the radiation being leaked into the air, and the vast amounts that will inevitably be leaked should the fuel rods melt down, will go south and harm the millions of people living in Tokyo or even as far as Kumamoto, or go into the jet stream and cross the Pacific and harm people on this side of the world, or all of the above.

Like BP in the Gulf of Mexico, the corporations could never imagine that such a thing could happen.  [email protected]#$%.  They no doubt did the math. They gambled, and humanity lost. Large corporations don’t care if the world self-destructs as long as the titans of industry get wealthy beyond belief first.

If capitalism and “the market place” even can self correct, they are incapable of doing so fast enough to keep from destroying our earth and the human race.  But the greedy are addicted to the object of their lust, the world be damned.








2 thoughts on “Profound Sadness”

  1. This is horrible. Now that I am teaching at Dickerson, one of my students, Kochi, nominated me as an candidate for exchange for two weeks through the Japanese Chamber of Commerce. It is sad that the trip will be cancelled and that he and his family returned to Japan in December…a definite loss for us. Such a brilliant student and loved by all, he has been able to contact us through FB to let us know he is OK. I have several Japanese students in my English classes and also see their kindness and profound work ethic. Your blog commentary was spot-on. Thanks for sharing.

  2. The scenes look devastating. I remember your beautiful pictures of the country…my favorite was the Geisha girl. The Japanese are such a humble and dignified people. I do hope something good can come of this…

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