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Please, Resuscitate Me!

Feel Sick IconMy blog, hosted at @Mediatemple, has been mostly dead for the past several days. Prior to that, for weeks and weeks it was so slow to respond, to even show up on the screen, I was convinced I had inadvertently done something horrible to it. I tried various solutions suggested for enhancing the performance of a WordPress blog. Nothing worked.

Three days ago I couldn’t even log in to it. My normal fixes did nothing.  I was beside myself.

I broke down and called my hosting service, @Mediatemple and learned that probably all of the problems I and everyone else was having with viewing my blog had nothing to do with anything I had done. The official explanation is that grid server cluster 04 was so overloaded it effectively died. How could this have been a surprise to the engineers at Mediatemple?  Don’t they monitor server stats?!

So they have been busy migrating sites off of the overloaded cluster. My site appears to still have spells in which it does not work: you get a 403 error message instead of my blog.

Hopefully my blog will be resuscitated soon!  I grow impatient.