Everyone who knows me understands that I’m a chocoholic, and I’m not in recovery.  I probably eat my body weight in chocolate every year.  I guess the time to diet has finally arrived.  Sadness and despair abound over the news.  If you ask me, candy bars are already insanely expensive for what they are. (CNN) — The Hershey Company says… Continue reading

In the News…

The Death of Privacy For years, I’ve been saying this would happen.  Apparently, it’s about to. Google will release a mobile app that will allow anyone with a cell phone camera to snap and upload a picture of any person to Google’s search engine.  Google will return the name, address, phone number, web sites written by and about, who knows… Continue reading

One of the All Time Greats

I have seen a handful of stunning sunsets in my lifetime. I’ve only taken pictures of one of them. Tonight, here in Manhattan Beach, was one of the all time greats, ranking up there with the photos I shot of the sunset at Muir Beach. Once again, I didn’t have my good camera with me. I took several pictures with… Continue reading

Forget Tethering: Wireless HD Out for iPad 2

OK, I’m going to really geek out here in this post. You have been warned. A few weeks ago I came across a solution being used here in LA for wirelessly, over WiFi, streaming 1080 HD video from HDSLRs (digital SLR cameras that shoot full frame HD video, like the Canon 5D Mark II) to HD monitors. TV Producers and… Continue reading

Overtaxed Corporate America

I hear all of the propaganda about how over taxed corporate America is.  I’m frequently reminded, especially during election cycles, that the tax burden is so unbearably high for corporations, they seek ways to move business outside of the USA. Really, now. What percentage of your income did you pay in income tax last year?  I bet it was a… Continue reading

Elizabeth Taylor, RIP

I always wonder how much of what we know about people of wealth and/or fame is carefully crafted marketing strategy versus any true insight into their actual lives. But, of Elizabeth Taylor, I think it’s safe to say: she followed her heart; she supported famous people (rightly or wrongly standing by her friends) when they were down; she was an… Continue reading

Profound Sadness

Perhaps because I spent so much time in Japan, in Tokyo and in Arao, in the south of the country, I feel so very sad for the poor Japanese people in this time. I stayed with a Japanese family, laughed with them, ate with them.  They are so gentle and kind, so gracious and hospitable. Regrettably, they trusted the titans… Continue reading

California Road Trip!

A weekend road trip to a boom town gone bust, the Salton Sea area, sitting on top of the San Andreas Fault Line, is an interesting place. Gorgeous mountains, gurgling mud pots, thermal power plants, natural gas, miles of farm land, virtually abandoned cities, shorelines with thousands of dead and rotting fish, salt flats, and the beauty of the desert.  … Continue reading