The Letter "E" by Leo Reynolds@ Flickr Creative Commons

I’ll Buy a Vow*l

The Letter "E" by Leo Reynolds@ Flickr Creative Commons
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In a conc*rt*d *ffort to balanc* th* stat* budg*t, th* n*wly *l*ct*d gov*rnor of California, J*rry Brown, has *nact*d a law r*quiring that *v*ryon* living in th* stat* purchas* th* l*tt*r*s w* us* wh*n writing.  Th* proc**ds from th* sal* will go to fund th* stat* *ducation budg*t.

W*ll, h*r* w* ar* at th* *nd of th* month, and I hav* alr*ady us*d all of th* l*tt*r “*”s I bought for F*bruary! Th*r*for*, I can not us* any in this post. Fortunat*ly, th* month is almost ov*r.

Sinc* th* stat* had a half pric* (buy on*; g*t on* fr**) sal* on sp*cial charact*rs, I hav* pl*nty of ast*risks and hav* fr**ly substitut*d th*m for th* missing “*”s.

Pictur*s of l*tt*rs may b* us*d without paying th* f**; so, I’v* includ*d a photo of th* vow*l I ran out of in this post to avoid any confusion.

D*sp*rat* tim*s call for d*sp*rat* m*asur*s.

If th* stat* hasn’t alr*ady sold out for this month, I’m in th* mark*t to buy a vow*l.

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  1. Stranger things have happened! But no, I borrowed the idea from Steve and his brother who exchange about 2 dozen emails a day. About a year and a hlaf ago, near the end of each month, his brother started omitting various letters because he had used up that month’s allotment. Yes, indeed they are both weird!

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