White Lillie in the Front Yard

Inspired by Ms. Freeman…

She has been posting some amazing macro images on her Facebook page lately.  So, yesterday, when I went out to the mailbox, I saw this cool curly thing on the tip of a white lillie.  Inspired by Ms. Freeman*, I went in to get my camera and 100mm macro lens.

Today it’s raining.  But because it so seldom rains, you can see how dirty the white lillie is.  Everything (windows, plants, cars, even the roads get dirty/dusty) gets filthy here!

White Lillie in the Front Yard
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* BTW:  Her name really isn’t Ms. Freeman.  20+ years ago we worked together and both had a buffoon for a boss.  (That wouldn’t have been so bad if he hadn’t also been a pompous, mean and viscous man as well.  He was later fired—or perhaps “offered” a resignation.)  Anyway, he could never remember my colleague’s name and always called her “Ms. Freeman.”  What an idiot!  So, to memorialize the fact that good usually triumphs over evil, I frequently call her Ms. Freeman.  We both then have a good laugh at Eric’s expense.

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