Tim Tyson with New Glasses

Five Upgrades for Tim

@Twitter has refreshed the user experience at twitter.com, adding functionality I love and use on my iOS Twitter clients. Nicely done. You do follow me on Twitter, right? My link is in the footer of every page here at tt.us.

@WordPress has just officially released WP 3.1. The new version seems to have a few nice additions and several under the hood improvements I’ll notice over time I’m sure. One change I don’t care for at present: the new link management tool in the top tool bar creates short links from a wp.me URL. I want traffic coming to my site from my short links, not theirs. Very clever way for them to monitor trends on WP blogs.

@Facebook finally got my wall properly upgraded. Previously, it had “issues.”

Tim Tyson with New Glasses
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On Tuesday I got my new glasses. I decided to go trendy, since I’m now an old man and need to distract people from my ever increasing wrinkles and grey hair! I bought the new frames from @OliverPeoples of Beverly Hills (properly said with due pretense). I really liked their selection. Until walking in to their store, I was having a difficult time finding frames I really liked. At Oliver Peoples I found that I really liked almost all of the frames they sell! Making a decision was a challenge. I would link to their website, but their online collection is much more limited than their in-store stock!

The new glasses are basically transparent but have a slight tint.  You can see them in full living color at the bottom of this post.  The picture of me was shot by my just running and standing in front of the camera, which was set to snap the picture on a delay.  It was weird!

A week from today all of the carpet in the house will be replaced. (I actually thought it was scheduled for today until I checked my calendar this morning.) Even though the house is new (hard to believe I’ve been here 3 years now), the carpet the builder installed was the cheapest, most horrid nylon carpet money could buy. It is literally falling to pieces where the sun shines on it in the master bedroom. And every place it has ever been cleaned quickly turned into a dark grey stain. I’ll be glad to get rid of it!


My New Glasses
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