Malaga Cove Panorama 2 - Play Button iOS

iOS Compatible 360º Panorama

This is the second panorama I shot on Monday at Malaga Cove.  I’m still about 20 feet above the beach as this location is about two-thirds of the way down the trail to the Pacific Ocean and almost directly below the spot, up above, where I shoot the time lapse images of Malaga Cove.  In fact, I marked it in this pano; so, you can see how high up it is.  (Notice how tiny the people up there appear to be!)

The images below are not movies nor still images but are three presentations of the same 360º Panorama.

  • The first is full screen enabled—just click to play, then click the full screen icon. This pano is “self-driving,” but you can take control of it at any time you wish. It will also work on iOS devices.
  • The second and third will appear in a lightbox in high definition and standard definition respectively.

After clicking one of the “Play” buttons below, use your mouse (click and drag) to move up, down and all around the panorama in 360º space. [Shift] zooms in, and [Control] zooms out.






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