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Well, after spending several hours yesterday trying to solve an error when my trial version of Adobe After Effects would launch, I was very frustrated. I blogged about that yesterday.

Todd, at Adobe support in the After Effects group, is social media aware. I don’t know exactly how he chooses to track all things @Adobe, maybe through Twitter, maybe through RSS feeds for particular search strings, but within a very short time of my posting my frustrations yesterday, he reached out to me about this issue by posting a comment to yesterday’s blog post/vent.

Despite it being the Friday evening before a holiday weekend, he managed to track down, from one of the software engineers, a possible cause for the error: a system font issue. Who ever would have thought!

After a quick read of the support articles he suggested, I launched Font Doctor. It found 2 fonts with ID conflicts and several duplicate fonts. Font Doctor corrected the issues. (How do such things happen on a fresh OS install?!)

Now, when I launch After Effects, no error message!!! Problem solved.

Having this error message? After Effects error: invalid DICT array size ( 83 :: 2 )

Try this support thread in the Adobe After Effects support forums.

I greatly appreciate Todd’s efforts on behalf of Adobe. His motivation, his working above-and-beyond the call of duty, and his persistence with my problem salvaged an Adobe customer relationship that was “going south” quickly. (I just wish any of the people with whom I talked yesterday had suggested posting about the issue in the Adobe forums.) Since I’m very new to After Effects, in addition to his suggested fix for the problem, he recommended a link to some resources for getting started learning this powerful and complex software.

Initial tests for controlling flicker in time lapse are proving far more successful using a plugin for AE than any solutions I’ve tried in FCP. The After Effects tests can now continue. More on the testing results in the future.

Again, thanks Todd for your help!

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