I’ll Buy a Vow*l

In a conc*rt*d *ffort to balanc* th* stat* budg*t, th* n*wly *l*ct*d gov*rnor of California, J*rry Brown, has *nact*d a law r*quiring that *v*ryon* living in th* stat* purchas* th* l*tt*r*s w* us* wh*n writing.  Th* proc**ds from th* sal* will go to fund th* stat* *ducation budg*t. W*ll, h*r* w* ar* at th* *nd of th* month, and I… Continue reading

Inspired by Ms. Freeman…

She has been posting some amazing macro images on her Facebook page lately.  So, yesterday, when I went out to the mailbox, I saw this cool curly thing on the tip of a white lillie.  Inspired by Ms. Freeman*, I went in to get my camera and 100mm macro lens. Today it’s raining.  But because it so seldom rains, you… Continue reading

Five Upgrades for Tim

@Twitter has refreshed the user experience at twitter.com, adding functionality I love and use on my iOS Twitter clients. Nicely done. You do follow me on Twitter, right? My link is in the footer of every page here at tt.us. @WordPress has just officially released WP 3.1. The new version seems to have a few nice additions and several under… Continue reading

iOS Compatible 360º Panorama

This is the second panorama I shot on Monday at Malaga Cove.  I’m still about 20 feet above the beach as this location is about two-thirds of the way down the trail to the Pacific Ocean and almost directly below the spot, up above, where I shoot the time lapse images of Malaga Cove.  In fact, I marked it in… Continue reading

So Many Choices!

I promised a panorama from Malaga Cove was coming soon. Well, here is the first one. I shot this pano half way down the hike to the bottom of the cove. It’s a bit of a trek! Shooting this was a something of a challenge. You can’t really tell it, but the camera was just 3 feet from the edge… Continue reading

I Need Everyone’s Opinion

This is my first experiment with the GBDeflicker plugin from Granite Bay for After Effects.  The plugin offers two main variables for removing flicker.  One is the number of frames over which the brightness of a single frame is averaged.  I chose 30 (the maximum) as this time lapse is plagued with bad flicker.  The other is to “Favor brightness”… Continue reading

The Pinkerton Took a Stroll

Today The Pinkerton decided to go for a walk along the Pacific Ocean.  In fact, he went walking at Malaga Cove, but not at the top of the cove, where you usually find me.  He wanted to go walking down along the extremely rocky coastline right by the ocean.  The walk was exhausting with the rugged rocks constantly shifting under… Continue reading

Todd @Adobe

Well, after spending several hours yesterday trying to solve an error when my trial version of Adobe After Effects would launch, I was very frustrated. I blogged about that yesterday. Todd, at Adobe support in the After Effects group, is social media aware. I don’t know exactly how he chooses to track all things @Adobe, maybe through Twitter, maybe through… Continue reading