Uncle Tolbert and Aunt Elue

On to the Next Generation…

Uncle Tolbert and Aunt Elue
Uncle Tolbert and Aunt Elue (circa 1973)

At one time I had over 30 “great” relatives:  my grandparents and their brothers and sisters and their wives and husbands—my great aunts and uncles.

Last night, the last of that generation passed away, Uncle Tolbert McCrory.  He was my mother’s father’s youngest brother.  I will always remember him as pleasant and cheerful.  Full of pluck and good humor.  Quick to laugh, and I mean a belly laugh.  He was astoundingly active and independent for his 88 years.

May he rest in peace.

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  1. Thank you for posting this, Tim. Uncle Tolbert took me home from the hospital when I was born and to the house after my wedding. I will always remember him with much love.

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