Carved Like a Holiday Turkey

Growing up on the Gulf Coast had a disadvantage for little fair skinned Tim:  Basal Cell Carcinoma in later life.  I had one removed about 5 years ago.  Today, once again, I was carved up like a holiday turkey to remove a second.  What a drag!  They now have a new treatment for the sun-induced malady—a cream you must apply… Continue reading

John Barry, RIP

I have always been a fan of composer John Barry Pendergast’s (Nov. 3, 1933 – Jan. 30, 2011) work.  He wrote the music for numerous films, several TV series, and even several hit singles.  For more detailed information about his life and work, visit this link at Wikipedia.  He died of a heart attack yesterday, at the age of 77.… Continue reading

Stormy Sunrise at Malaga Cove

We so rarely have “weather” here. So, when I saw the forecast called for a storm front to move in, I thought it might be a good time to go to Malaga Cove, such a beautiful place, to shoot a time lapse as the sun came up.  I jumped out of bed at 3:00am!  The surfer dudes were riding the… Continue reading

My Blog’s Tag Cloud

Teachers, these word and tag cloud tools have some great learning application for engaging reading comprehension activities, compare and contrast activities, etc.  Students find them fascinating, which rubs off on curriculum content. Tagul is an interesting service.  You can feed your blog’s content to it and get a tag cloud.  You can even have the word cloud appear in shapes.  … Continue reading

Snapshot of the SOTU

I love Wordle, the site at which you can input text and get a visual image of the most frequently used words.  Frequency is measured by size. So, I took the text from the State of the Union address (thanks NPR for providing it) and below is the graphic Worlde produced.  I did this once to a SOTU address from… Continue reading

The Pacific Ocean

I know some of my readers back east love walking along the Pacific Ocean as much as I do.  So, for you, and for everyone who loves the sound of the surf, I bring you 60 seconds of the Pacific Ocean surf.  I recorded it yesterday at the northern part of Manhattan Beach.  Enjoy a minute of zen!… Continue reading

Mother, a FL Sunrise, and a CA Sunset

Regrettably, I missed a gorgeous sunset tonight.  By the time I got to the ocean after dinner, this was all that was left.  I shot it with my iPhone; so, well, it’s lacking. This was a sunrise from my recent trip to Florida.The Gulf of Mexico is just gorgeous!  Again, I shot it with my iPhone. And here is a… Continue reading

Half of All US Children

At the end of 2009, a study reported by the Archives of Pediatrics & Adolescent Medicine concluded that over half of all of the children that live in the United States will live in homes that receive food stamps at some point before they reach the age of 20.  I wonder if now, just over a year later, the problem… Continue reading

Now Over 1,000,000!

Well, yesterday I went over 1,000,000 miles on Delta alone. I travel way too much! Most recently, I spent a week at Pensacola Beach visiting mother and looking at property. I noticed crews working on the beach, and then it hit me:   They are cleaning up buried oil from the Gulf oil spill. I was saddened to hear from a… Continue reading