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I get excited about odd things.  I know.  Can’t help it.  It’s just me.

I’ve written about my abiding love of @SlideShowPro Director, which I use to manage all of the photographs here at as well my digital video.  It took me years to get my head around that system.  And because I do not use it routinely, I still sometimes have brain pain when I fire it up. But posting over 10,000 images in 215 photo albums in 23 galleries here at would be virtually impossible (read hellaciously time consuming) without it.  I just wouldn’t do it.

Well, the good people at SSP have created a plugin for WordPress, another digital tool I love.  WordPress is the system that runs this version of my blog.  The plugin greatly simplifies the process of exporting an image or video out of SSP and displaying it in an individual blog post—like the image you see below.  With the click of a button, I have access to every photo (of the over 10,000) in every photo gallery in my SSP database—like the one below I uploaded last week to the banner rotation of my MovableType blog.

Water Lillies in Hoi An - Radiant

So my future workflow will probably become something like this:

  1. Take pictures—lots and lots of pictures…
  2. Import them into Lightroom 3 for post processing.
  3. Use the Lightroom SSP export plugin module to send the photos to my SSP Director installation/database.
  4. Write posts in WordPress and simply click the new SSP button to drop images into the post directly from my SSP database.

I already have a feature request.

Please add a per image option to import the image to the WP Image Gallery database and attach it to the post in which the plugin inserted the image so we can use the image as the WordPress feature image for the post for our various WordPress themes.  I can’t wait to see how rich the feature set for the new SSP Director plugin will become!!

I’m in heaven.  This is so practical.  So simple.  So elegant!

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