Where Are the Words?

On occasion you see something so breath-taking you don’t have adequate words to describe it.  It’s jaw dropping.  Stunning.  I had that experience when I first saw the HD series, Earth, on Blu-ray. The photography was beyond anything I had imagined before. Well, I suspect that Tom Lowe’s (@timescapes) time lapse project, which he has been working on for some… Continue reading

Tiny Dioramas of an Abandoned World

In her latest exhibit, The City, artist and fine-art photographer Lori Nix designed a miniature, detailed, deserted world being reclaimed by nature.  I’ve never seen anything quite like this before.  Each miniature 3D diorama took between 2 to 15 months to create in all of its painstaking detail.  Each was created to be photographed or filmed in such a way… Continue reading