Ant Eater

Under Siege!

Photo by: alandberning @ flickr

We have had 4 days of heavy, solid rain here in the Los Angeles area—totally out of the ordinary for paradise. What’s interesting is this is like snow in Atlanta. The city starts to fall apart. They can’t cope with rain since it never happens.

Of the 6 elevators in the building I was in today, only 2 were working! The reason? The rain. Who ever knew rain could knock out 4 elevators?!

The traffic all over town was a disaster. Roads flooding. The planes at LAX even taking off in the opposite direction they always take off.

But the worst? The house is under siege. The super highway of ants that speed along the sidewalk and across the driveway heading into the neighbor’s yard was flooded out.

After the ants put up road detour barricades, the ant traffic was rerouted through the house!

I had to nuke them with ant poison and call the exterminator. I didn’t mind them doing their ant thing outside, but no, no, no—not in the house!