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Utterly Shocking!

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AT&T promises that they have 97.7% of people in the US “covered.”  In their commercials they paint the whole country with Cingular‘s adopted orange color.  (They bought out Cingular and chose to keep Cingular’s marketing colors as the tired AT&T blue color had become a potent reminder of how horrid AT&T is.  You know, keep the same crap service; change the color to make people feel better.)

They fail to tell us that Verizon‘s network only uses 3G technology and is vastly superior to the AT&T network, which is probably mostly the considerably slower Edge network.  So while AT&T has us all covered in orange, it’s much slower service.  Don’t believe me?  Try looking at your email on your iPhone at the remote and seldom visited LAX airport.  I have frequently wailed about AT&T’s horrid service all over this country.  (Here’s a link to everything I’ve written here at about AT&T.)

Now, I wouldn’t mind all of this nearly as much if my AT&T bill reflected the true value of the service they provide.  Maybe…  $20 a month.  But I pay these people a whopping $100.00+ not including any additional costs I would have if I exceeded my plan’s allotments.

Now Consumer Reports is adding to the chorus.  They rate AT&T as the worst.  Period.

When AT&T loses their exclusive contract with Apple’s iPhone near the beginning of 2011, I wonder how many users will ditch their service.

Source:  CNNMoney

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  1. yup. just read that Consumer Report article today… they’ll be doing some serious damage control. I still prefer the blooper page…

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