Hair Brain Idea of the Year

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It’s the season.  Busy, busy, busy!

The last few weeks have been crazy:  the Haunted House extravaganza for Halloween (we do it up big here in the hood), a three day business trip to the east coast, a two week vacation to Budapest and Prague, returning home to put away the Halloween Haunted House and set up the Christmas decorations, create the holiday cards, the 2011 gift calendars, the newsletter, fold/stuff/stamp/seal/mail the cards and newsletters (huge task), jump online for the gift-giving rituals, then the Thanksgiving meal…

Today, the cleaning crew is finally back. Thank goodness!! (They missed last month because of vacation plans.)  The house is one giant dust bunny and fur ball all rolled into one.  My allergies have been insane.  I’m almost finished with the laundry now.  The last load of clothes is in the drier.

To finish the holiday gift shopping I had to run to the Apple Store to get the Sistoid Unit’s gift.  (No worries.  She already knows what she’s getting from me—an iPod Touch, so she can Facetime me and mother.)  The Apple Stores are always much too close to where I live!  This one is at Manhattan Village Mall.

No one in their right mind wants to go to a mall on Black Friday:  the crowds, the rudeness, the snatch and grab, the ill humor, the parking fiascos.  Manhattan Village Mall isn’t a large mall at all, but the parking is always hell on earth!  I was so not looking forward to this quick one-stop shopping trip.  I got there and found a parking space with no difficulty!!  But then…

Oh!  For Pete’s Sake!

Who in their right mind?!

What a wretched, horrid, bad, bad, bad idea!!!!!!!!!

On this, the worst day on earth to shop at a mall, the Manhattan Village Mall decided to have a full blown parade IN THEIR PARKING LOT?!  The high school marching band, the police cars, the fire trucks (yes, there were two of them in the parade), the little security Segway, the little three-wheeled security vehicles, throwing candy…

I couldn’t even back out of my parking space.  The whole parking lot was grid locked.  People, blocked in the one way parking lane, were trying to turn around, which was so obviously impossible–three cars.  Now they were stuck!  Duh!  Nobody could move because of this stupid parade blocking the main artery of the parking lot!

Go ahead, call me Scrooge.  This was THE most hair brain idea of the year!  Who ever planned this on the busiest shopping day of the year had to be high on cocaine!


Time to fold the laundry.  🙂