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We Need a Populist Movement—Part 1: Healthcare

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I saw Keith Olbermann‘s show (see the clip at this link) where he hosted Michael Moore, producer of Sicko, and Wendell Potter,  former Vice President of corporate communications at CIGNA, one of the United States’ largest health insurance companies,  and author of Deadly Spin. Potter apologized to Moore for his massive, industry-funded, carefully-crafted efforts to discredit him and his movie. Potter goes on to say that Sicko is indeed factually correct, and the insurance industry feared that the movie would create a populist uprising against the detestable insurance industry whose practices actually kill tens of thousands of decent, hard working Americans every year.

The fact that the insurance industry has been so successful in keeping Americans from embracing substantive, deep healthcare reform in this country astounds me beyond belief.  It’s not even healthcare.  It’s a gravy train for insurance investors.

This fabricated bogus label, “Obama-care,” is such a farce!  Obama’s successful healthcare initiative didn’t go far enough!  Currently “Super Wealthy (and they’re republicans as Deadly Spin reveals) Capitalist Assholes Getting Even Richer While You Die-care” is what we actually have until the healthcare reform kicks in.  The industry maximizes profits when they deny your claims.  And the loud-mouthed Tea Party wants to give these fat cats what they want?!  Another well-funded farce front group for monied interests.

What of the deficit? Fix it on the back of those making the most money.  Oh, but wait!  They will start squealing about losing jobs?!  What a hoax!  Always calling it anything but what it really is.

America needs a massive, populist movement that demands we balance the budget, not by hurting the average guy on the street, but by reeling in the defense department’s out of control spending, among other “security” budgets, farm corn subsidies (which are wrecking the health of this nation!), etc..  Interestingly, this is exactly what a huge percentage of people on Twitter actually think according to this non-scientific survey by the  New York Times on what Americans think we should do to balance the budget    (source:  link).

New York Times Survey
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Real people all over this country are sick of capitalism running out of control and hurting the good, common people of this country.

Update:  Michael Moore published this (in part) to his blog on Thanksgiving day.  I don’t know Michael, but I think he would be a fascinating person with whom to chat.

All that money spent smearing me because they thought you would get up from your theater seat and start a revolution.

It’s a great compliment to you. They fear the power you have. But that’s ’cause they’re good at math. They know there will always be more of us than there are of them. And unless they can repeal “one person, one vote,” they know they are doomed. In the meantime they will try to maintain the power they have by buying off politicians, dumbing us down, distracting us with Dancing/Ice Skating/Drinking with the Stars and getting us so scared we’ll acquiesce to having naked pictures taken of us at airports this Thanksgiving weekend. Over the river and through the body scan, to grandmother’s house we go…

So let us give thanks tomorrow that the richest 1% begrudgingly know that we are still, on paper at least, in charge. It is, I believe, a glimmer of hope of what we could possibly accomplish in the coming new year.

Source:  Last Thoughts Before the Turkey Comes Calling

In the next day or two I’ll publish another “We the People…”.

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  1. When we find someone who is simpatico with our views it is so valuable to follow where they shine the light… Tim is just such a valued citizen. Thank you. 40 years has been a long road, please continue your efforts for those of us who know our conscience, but need a little nudge…

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