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Thank Goodness for MediaTemple

My hosting service is MediaTemple. They have 24 hour phone support. They are awesome about helping the techno-illiterate, like me.

When I was in Budapest and Prague last week, I published 61 pictures, and my blog publishing platform on the MovableType side went berserk! Every time I would attempt to do anything, MT would log me out. I had never had this happen before and was clueless.

This morning, in my jet lag induced quasi-stupor, I decided I had to fix this problem. O horror!

Amazingly, I was able to determine that a specific table (mt_session) in my mySQL database for MT4 was corrupted and needed to be repaired. But I have no idea to repair a mySQL database table. In desperation I called MediaTemple.

As I feared, this was “outside the scope of support,” but the guy did it anyway and walked me through what to do if (when) this happens again.

Awesome!  Now I can publish some of the pictures from Prague!

One thought on “Thank Goodness for MediaTemple”

  1. Awesome! We love reading stories like this. You know we’ve always got your back! Thanks for showing us some love 🙂 Who was it that helped you out? I’ll high-five him for you.

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