Can’t I Change My Mind?

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I know I’ve sworn for decades (ok, at least in internet years) that I would never have a Facebook account.  I blogged about it.  I’ve given good reason for why I would never do it.  But, well…


I’m using it as a tool to keep in touch with people I would otherwise never have the opportunity to keep up with in this busy world.  And, hopefully, with a new WP plugin, (thanks to Dan for the idea) every time I publish to my blog, the plugin will also cross publish to my Facebook wall.  It will take me some time to work out the kinks and learn the flow of Facebook.  We’ll just see how it goes…

One thought on “Can’t I Change My Mind?”

  1. You will love the ability to keep in touch, share photos and updates with hundreds of folks you otherwise would have never “touched” in this lifetime! I Love it! You do have to “place on ignore” a ton of drama…but us grownups should be able to handle that.

    By the way, as I plan for an upcoming 8 week confinement while healing from surgery I intend to view every one of your 10,000 photos. I’ve just viewed the tip of the iceberg from Ireland and cannot wait to see more! What professional work you have done.

    Looking forward to catching up!
    Susan-your old Chorale/Singers friend……

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