Budapest & Prague: Day Three (17,508 @ 8.45 in Budapest)

Today was self-directed exploration.  The forecast called for rain, but that didn’t stop me.  Rain jacket packed in the camera backpack, and off I went.  Thankfully, it never rained, and the overcast made for nice lighting.

The day began gray and a bit misty but quickly became just heavily overcast.  I walked over the Chain Bridge, shooting pictures along the way.  Then I took the Funicular up the steep, ancient city wall to the Old Palace area atop the hill and spent the day meandering about shooting pictures.

I thought about going into the underground labyrinth.  Budapest is full of caves.  But the entrance smelled incredibly musty, and the acoustics were very, very loud.  A group of incredibly rambunctious children would have entered at the same time I pondered going in; so, that settled it.  I wasn’t in the mood for all of that energy.

After a late Hungarian lunch, with a very friendly waiter who wanted his picture taken, back to Pest.  At this point the sun began to peek out from the clouds and cast an interesting setting light on the beautiful old buildings across the Danube in Pest.  After a quick rest, I was off to the eclectic part of town where the Opera House is, the theater section, and an area where people from the university hang out in unique cafe’s and restaurants.

I had dinner at Bohemia.  This area really is unique in the heart of the city:  a park lined with cafes where one would expect to find a street.  The main feature of the park is a large statue of Franz Liszt.

Today I walked 17,508 steps which accounted for 8.45 miles.  I was exhausted!