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It’s All Just Weird…

A week or two ago I received a recorded call that went something like this,

You have currently reached your plan’s limits for certain types of calls including collect calls.  To modify your plan…”

By that time, I hung up in a state of anger.  How did some jerk telemarketer get my cell phone number?  I never give it out.

Those who know me know that two things send my blood pressure through the roof:  1) technology that doesn’t work, 2) spam email or solicitation calls.  I also hate junk mail of any kind, but the aforementioned all but send me into seizures.  It’s about wasting people’s time.

I have been dealing with a vast amount of spam email lately, as I’ve blogged about before.  About a dozen solicitation phone calls come in at the house every day, even though this number is registered on the Do Not Call List.  I literally never answer the land line and have seriously thought about taking it out.  But when the marketeers get my cell phone number, I’m ready to go off the grid, or at least disconnect it!

Today I got a second recorded call from the same telemarketer.  I was insane with anger.  I called AT&T.  Nothing much they can do.  The representative suggested putting my number on the Do Not Call List (888.382.1222 or donotcall.gov).  No way.  Then you get calls from all of the charitable organizations that are exempt from not using the numbers on the list and now have your number because it is now on the list.

So, while I was currently enraged, I decided to call the 318 number and give them a piece of my mind.

Apparently, I called a prison in Louisiana.  I had received a collect call from an inmate at some prison in Louisiana.

Good Grief!

Do I know anyone who is in prison?  (Yes, a former employee.)  Do I know anyone who is in prison in Louisiana?  (Not that I know of…)

I asked why prisoners were being allowed to make telemarketing calls from inside the prison.  They aren’t.  The inmate is calling me collect.  The call is not a telemarketing call.  It’s a collect call from an inmate.

So, the operator took my number, created a username and password for me, and blocked my number from being reachable from anyone in the prison.  The username and password keeps my number from being re-authorized by anyone other than myself.

Some days, life is just weird.