Fall in Atlanta

The Colonnade Restaurant Sign in Atlanta, GA
When I first moved to California, I was amazed at the very unique smell of the plant life, very dank, pungent and earthy. At the moment, I’m in Atlanta for the weekend. The smell of Fall is in the air, and it’s completely different from California—the smell of the leaves.

Last night I had dinner at The Colonnade, which still has the best fried chicken on earth! California has nothing like it, and I’ve looked. Tonight, I will be eating at the Picadilly, another institution that can’t be found in California.

Atlanta is having the Food Fair, so things are a bit hectic here. The whole Georgia Tech east campus is new to me, and very nice. Also, some of the skyscrapers that were just holes in the ground when I lived here are now completed—though vacant. Yes, Atlanta still is a very nice town.