Official Declaration

You know, official declarations are often a bit slippery.  I’m about to issue one such declaration now:  I’m declaring the computer hard drives officially recovered, restructured, and now in the process of backing up both on and off site.  I say it’s a bit of a slippery declaration because I will probably find small things yet undone even weeks from now—things you rarely use or think about.  We’ll see.

The desktop computer now has two new 2TB drives in it.  One of those drives is the freshly cleaned and thinned system drive.  The 4TB Drobo is now working again (It was a catastrophic mess!) as an onsite Tim Capsule backup system for the desktop computer.  The faulty iTunes library disk has been replaced with a 1T external hard drive, and all of the files have been carefully (and tediously too, might I add) copied over through iTunes itself, thus recreating the entire iTunes library from scratch–to minimize future issues.

I’m guessing about one more full week before everything is completely backed up on and off site.  The desktop computer had over 2,000,000 files on it!  (My god.  I need to simplify my life!)  In the meantime, the 20+ MB internet connection feels like molasses.

It has been a horrid week.  But the treachery is now declared officially over!