Vlad Gerasimov's Desktop Night Fury (Vladstudio)

Creative Genius: Vlad Gerasimov

For years now, I have been a huge fan of Vlad Gerasimov’s work at Vladstudio, @vladstudio, where this Russian digital artist shares desktop designs, e-cards, apps and games, and much more that are brilliantly creative and beautiful.  He provides each of his nearly 700 desktops in virtually every imaginable size one would ever need (over 60!!), for single monitors, double monitors, even triple!  They are also available for mobile devices: phones, ipads, etc.  A design perfectionist, everything about his site is beautifully and organically presented.

But I am always stricken with the beauty and the creativity of his work.  I invite you to click on his image below, The Birth of the Night Fury, suitable for the upcoming Halloween season, to go to his site.  Awesomeness!

Click here to visit Vladstudio.