Exxon's Alaskan Valdez Oil Spill Disaster Cleanup


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You know, I’m fairly forgiving of people but not at all of corporations.  For example:  when the Exxon Valdez spilled oil all over Prince William Sound in Alaska back in 1989, I swore I would never knowingly purchase Exxon products again.  Here 11 years later, I’ve kept that promise.

I was so annoyed by the crappy cars the American auto industry forced on the American public back when we had no choice but to purchase their junk.  Then, when the Japanese began importing affordable, well built cars into the US, I started buying Hondas.  I bought a VW.  I bought a Toyota.  I bought a Nissan. At one point, years ago, my wife talked me into buy a Ford.  Never again!  Garbage on wheels.

The Ford was such a crappy vehicle, even with the Japanese competition, I swore I would never again buy an American car.  Why couldn’t we as a country build a quality car that was affordable?!  Every American-made car I ever had been in felt like a piece of junk–like an overly padded tomb on wheels!

As far as I was concerned, when the American auto industry was about to go under just over a year ago, I could have cared less.  They built crap cars for generations. Let them be victimized by their own mismanagement and lack of quality design, engineering and construction. They were getting what they deserved.  No forgiveness.

But in the past month, I’ve rented 2 American-made cars.  I was shocked.  They didn’t look like, feel like, or handle like junk.  The best was a Ford.  I actually felt like a quality.

My cousin just purchased a Buick LaCrosse.  Not only was it gorgeous, the interior was well crafted, well designed, ergonomic.  I could get in and out of the car without having to contort my body.  The leather interior was classic.  The rear camera technology was awesome.  It got good gas mileage.  The price wasn’t just affordable, it was highly competitive with the luxury cars in its class. I was actually positively impressed!

Now, I doubt I will ever buy another American-made car.  But at least the American auto industry is beginning to earn a little respect after 40 years!  It may come too late.