Tonsorial Parlor

The Tonsorial Parlor

Yesterday was my first visit to The Tonsorial Parlor — a barbershop/hair salon in Manhattan Beach.

I have been searching for the past 2.5+ years for a good place to get my haircut. I found a guy that did a great job. The salon where he worked was just ridiculously expensive. While he always cut my hair waaaaaaay too short, it was an even, non-lumpy haircut. Then one day, he was gone. The other places I have tried give horrid haircuts.

Yelp sent out an email focused on barbershops and hair salons in my area. As much as I use Yelp, I’m surprised I hadn’t thought about using it find a barbershop. The name of this one caught my eye: The Tonsorial Parlor. The reviews were extremely complimentary. ï»¿One customer writes:

Tonsorial Parlor is a real gem, a cozy, funky, one-of-a-kind fusion of hair salon and barber shop. It looks like something straight out of a Clint Eastwood western, boasts a highly competent staff who charge very fair prices and sits just blocks from the beach.

Dale, who has cut my hair here for decades, epitomizes the place. He’s also a stage and screen actor, a talented musician, a martial arts master, drives a motorcycle to work and serves as a cowboy on cattle drives. He probably could do anything for a living. He CHOOSES to do this. And I choose to drive 30 miles to just to get my haircut here. Now you know why…”

The photos of the shop on the web site were out there cool. It was reasonably priced. I had to visit.

Tonsorial Parlor

I sent the owner a text message to set up my appointment. Not only did he live up to the rave reviews of his customers, his shop is way cool. He has been in business there for nearly 40 years I think.

This is absolutely one of, if not THE, best haircuts I’ve ever had. Need a reasonably priced barbershop in the south bay area? You have got to go see Dale!