SlideShowPro Rocks My World

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Several years ago I discovered Todd Dominey’s SlideShow Pro (SSP), which I use to present my photos here at  (Check them out at  Over the years SSP has evolved into a really slick, powerful, wonderful tool for managing both photo and video distribution.  As my knowledge and understanding of the various SSP products has grown, I would place this product in my list of Tim’s All Time Favorite Digital Tools! It rocks!

In fact, since SSP had an export plugin for Lightroom, it was the deciding factor in my ditching Apple‘s Aperture and switching all of my photo management over to Lightroom–well, that and the horrendous performance issues Aperture 2 had.  (Now, I understand that a third party export plugin is available for Aperture.  But I haven’t tried it.)

But SSP is Flash-based.  This now poses problems because Steve Jobs is having a spat with Adobe, and most people don’t foresee Apple mobile products ever making use of Flash.  Sad, but there’s nothing I can do about that.

Rather than focusing on the technology issues or the dispute, SSP is focusing on their customers’ primary need:  finding excellent ways to share their work.  So they have announced a new component to their fabtabulous SlideShowPro Director:  a photo and video player that is built with HTML5, CSS3, and javascript instead of Flash!  This will allow content to display on the iPod Touch, iPhones, and the iPad!

Here is an overview of the new SlideshowPro Mobile.  I so love SSP!!