iOS 4

Well, my iPhone 4 is supposed to arrive tomorrow!  I can’t wait.

I downloaded iOS 4 for my existing phone and iPod Touch to get accustomed to the new operating system.  So far, the thing I like the most is Folders!  My application icons are all grouped in a way that makes sense to me.  Instead of having an insane number of panes through which I had to slide, I now only have 3!  This is a vast improvement.  Now, of course, I want more.  I’ve become such a visual person; I’d like to choose the icons for my Folders.  :o)

I also understand that a user can opt out of the iAd system, so Apple doesn’t collect info about your interests, by visiting ith any device running iOS 4 or later.  You should get a message, “You have successfully opted out. if the process is working; otherwise, Opt out not successful. will appear.