Maddow for President

I’d vote for her!  Shoot, I’d campaign for her!  She’s attractive and charming.  She’s witty and articulate.  She speaks core American values.  She does her homework.

Obama, while infinitely better than his wretched predecessor, has been astoundingly disappointing as president.  This disaster affords him the opportunity to do right by the American people and fulfill one of the primary duties of government:  protect and defend — not from some invisible “terrorist” threat, but from the very visible threat of capitalism gone awry, greed and excess, of government beholden to transglobal corporations and not the people.

Once again, Rachel Maddow nails it in her “fake speech to the nation as fake President Obama.”


Texas Republican Joe Barton shows he only cares about the oil industry.

I’m ashamed of what happened in the White House, Barton said today as a House Energy Committee panel began a hearing on BP‘s Gulf of Mexico oil spill. The Obama administration called Barton’s comments shameful.

The London-based oil company agreed yesterday to Obama’s request to establish a fund to pay damages from the spill, and to temporarily suspend dividends as Gulf residents and businesses begin filing claims. BP said it will commit $20 billion to the fund.

Source:  Bloomberg:  BP’s Spill Fund a $20 Billion Shakedown, Rep. Barton Says

Tony Hayward‘s appearance before Congress is just another expensive governmental “go-through-the-motions” sham.  I still maintain that the oil industry as a whole should be regulated like any other public utility.