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Seems that lately I’ve been grousing around about everything. I tend to be a fairly happy-go-lucky sort of guy, but when things annoy me, especially when my shoulder hurts, I vent about them. I don’t hold them in.

So, when something good happens, I try to be equally as quick to share the love. Well, tonight, I want to share the love. I’m in the Mile High City and had to rent a car.

Car rental is car rental to me, usually just dealing with people who are indifferently just doing their job, sometimes feeling ripped off by absurd prices. But this afternoon’s experience was unexpected and unprecedented!

The shuttle driver who picked up the 3 of us waiting on Island 4 to be taken to the car rental office was probably a good bit older than I, yet he insisted on taking my suitcase and placing it in the bin. Little did he know how much I appreciated that as my arthritic shoulder had been killing me all day.

He was a pleasant and outgoing fellow who told us he was glad to answer any questions we might have in the 5 – 6 minutes it would take us to get to the rental agency. He explained how to get to the major interstates when leaving the car rental place.

When we walked in to the rental office I was in shock. They were very busy but three agents welcomed each one of us to his counter area with a warm smile and, “Let me help you right here.” None of us waited even a second.

My agent, I think his name was Kyle, totally blew me away — and that’s really hard to do. Not only was he pleasantly conversational during our entire transaction, he was fast, thorough, and efficient. He suggested that the less expensive option for where I was going was not to prepay for the gas but to top it off when I returned it. (What?! Saving ME money???) He double checked the GPS to make sure it worked and was connected to the satellites before we ever went out to the lot. (In the past, I’ve had so many that didn’t work. Thank god for my iPhone!)

He walked around with me in the lot showing me the cars from which I got to pick. Once I selected the Toyota Camery, he showed me where the gas tank was, opened the trunk and put my luggage in, and (since he had already asked me at the counter in general conversation where I was going) asked me if I was in a hurry.

I told him I really wasn’t. He then suggested I might want to avoid the private toll road because they didn’t take cash and required a later online registration and complex payment process. He said it was the fastest route and that the GPS would probably take me that way. If I wasn’t in a hurry, he would be glad to program the GPS to avoid that route.

What?! Jeeze! Am I dreaming?!

He then programmed my destination address with the toll road avoided. This guy could not have been any nicer or any more helpful. The only other thing he could have done would have been to drive me to my destination. I was completely impressed. He told me that the return address for the car was already accurately programmed into the GPS. (That’s rare!)

With the GPS ready to guide me, the car cranked, and the AC on, he wished me well as he shook my hand.

I told him that Enterprise was really working it and that I was totally impressed. He smiled as we waved goodbye with a great big smile.

Now that’s totally awesome customer service! I highly recommend the Enterprise Car Rental at the Denver International Airport. They treat their customers the best I’ve ever seen, and those that know me know that I travel all the time and am slow to make recommendations! By the way, their rates were great too!