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Well, despite the fact that I’ve had a horrible sinus infection/laryngitis this week, I have been wearing my Fitbit ever since I first got it. The results, even with being sick, are interesting.  I’ve noticed how unbelievably my stats dive when I spend a day working at the computer.  This must change!  And being sick has an interesting impact on stats too:  not exactly what I would have expected.

My best stats have been:

  • 11,671 steps on May 18th (before I got sick)
  • 2,693 calories burned on May 22 (when I didn’t sleep at all that night because I was sick and couldn’t breath)
  • 5.58 miles walked on May 18 (again, before I got sick)
  • 11 minutes of strong activity on May 17th (on the elliptical–but for 45 minutes!!! hello?!)

Because of getting sick, my 7 day averages compared to everyone using a Fitbit aren’t that good yet.

  • I average in the 30 percentile for steps per week yet…
  • at the 61 percentile for activity.
  • Distance and very active minutes are still crazy low.

My sleep patterns, as I already knew, are weird:

  • I woke up an average of 8 times per night before I got sick.
  • My three worst nights, when I couldn’t stop coughing and couldn’t breath: I woke up 31, 67, and 39 times! (Between that and the pain in my arthritic shoulder, I’m just amazed I didn’t die.)

So, to check out my official fitbit page, visit Tim’s Fitbit! And, for those who follow me on Twitter, I will start tweeting my stats as of today.