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The Matrix Is Here, Dude!

Americans need to stand up and say, “Hell No!”

Hollywood claims that, in the future, they will allow you to see movies that are currently in the theater at home on your TV set while the movie is in the theater.

Horse Manure!  Here’s what Tim predicts: DVD‘s as we know them today will go away.  The price of movies will go up.

To see any movie, you will be forced to stream it over the Internet to your TV.  To keep you from ripping a copy of the movie by sending the audio and video feed out of your TV and into a DVR or other recording device, Hollywood will reach into your home, into your TV set, and shut off these outputs.

[Apple has already quietly pulled off shutting off your external computer monitor jack when playing HD content.  Did you know this Apple users???  Go ahead and try it on one of the newer Mac laptops.  Try plugging in a projector to your laptops new MiniDisplay port and playing an HD movie you purchased from the iTunes Store.  It doesn’t work now, does it.  It will only play through the AppleTV or on a specific Apple monitor.  Isn’t this just the most clever thing.  Guess what Apple is up to!]

What else will they want to do in 10 years?


Hollywood will soon have the power to remotely disable the analog outputs on your set-top box, under a decision by federal regulators on Friday intended to prevent home recording of new movie releases.

The move by the Federal Communications Commission grants cable and satellite providers the power to block consumers from viewing just-released movies in an analog format through a process known as Selectable Output Control. Hollywood requested SOC powers as a condition of allowing providers for the first time to release movies to their in-home customers while the film is in theaters.

The Motion Picture Association of America said its member studios would not authorize the early movie releases unless it won the ability to deploy Selectable Output Control. The reason: Analog video signals can easily be recorded, while dig”

[Source: FCC Lets Hollywood Turn Off Your Output Jacks | Threat Level |]

Boys and girls:  This is not a good thing.