AT&T vs. Verizon Dropped Calls Chart

How Do I Love Thee–NOT!

Just spreading the AT&T love…

AT&T promised to spend $2 billion upgrading its wireless network this year. Whatever it has spent on the upgrades so far isn’t helping.

A new report from ChangeWave Research (via Philip Elmer DeWitt) shows consumer dissatisfaction growing with AT&T, while it’s decreasing with Verizon. ChangeWave surveyed 4,040 smartphone owners about dropped calls over the last three months.

In the chart below, you can see dropped calls for AT&T customers growing, despite the investment to improve its wireless network.

Source:  Business Insider:  CHART OF THE DAY: AT&T’s Network Blows


Do the math:  That’s three times more dropped calls!!  (But AT&T’s advertisements tell me they have me covered.  Riiiiiight!)