Enterprise Car Rental @ Denver International

Seems that lately I’ve been grousing around about everything. I tend to be a fairly happy-go-lucky sort of guy, but when things annoy me, especially when my shoulder hurts, I vent about them. I don’t hold them in. So, when something good happens, I try to be equally as quick to share the love. Well, tonight, I want to share… Continue reading

No! You’re Too Fat!!

On one of my flights today I noticed a heavyset man in the row in front of me reading some religious magazine.  I caught the title of one of the articles and almost threw up.  I forget exactly how it was worded, but it basically was about how much more religious persecution could the church endure these last days. My… Continue reading

Freedom Flow

You know, all of this time I had it all wrong. The leaking oil well that belongs to the lying BP corporation should have a better PR image. Therefore, from this point forward, the Republican spin machine has designated that all media outlets and all Republican party officials will at all times refer to the environmental catastrophe as: The Freedom… Continue reading

Phillippe Cousteau Interview with Bill Maher

I had no idea that the grandson of the renowned late Jacque Cousteau lives just a few miles up the road in Santa Monica, California. As a child I loved watching his grandfather’s expeditions. This interview is so depressing. I could cut my leg off, I could cut my arm off, I could gouge my eye out, I’d still probably… Continue reading

I’ve Just Gotta Get Out More

And I mean out of the city. Tom Lowe shares some astounding time lapse work from out in the desert. He also has a couple of breath-taking HD versions available for download at his site, Timescapes. Just awesome! You have to watch these full screen! Timescapes Timelapse: Mountain Light from Tom Lowe on Vimeo.… Continue reading

I Love Ross’ Creativity Here

Everyone knows of my growing interest in time lapse.  Here’s a new twist from Ross Ching:  shoot time lapses of LA’s highways and take out all of the cars!  The amount of time Ross had to spend in post masking out the cars using Photoshop and FCP is probably less than I imagine but at the same time more than… Continue reading

Fitbit Activity Report

Image via CrunchBase Well, despite the fact that I’ve had a horrible sinus infection/laryngitis this week, I have been wearing my Fitbit ever since I first got it. The results, even with being sick, are interesting.  I’ve noticed how unbelievably my stats dive when I spend a day working at the computer.  This must change!  And being sick has an… Continue reading

My Super, Techno-Geek Mom Solves the Beep Mystery

I received several email responses to my blog post about The Infernal, Never-ending Beep! Most everyone suggested it was the smoke detector battery. I have had to replace several smoke detector batteries in the house, all upstairs, even though they are also wired into the house electrical system. But I actually hadn’t even thought of this as being a possible… Continue reading

The Infernal, Never-ending Beep!

Image via Wikipedia I am living in Edgar Allen Poe‘s, Tell Tale Heart. And it’s driving me similarly mad.  The only difference:  it isn’t the beating of his hideous heart incessantly ringing in my ears.  There is a distinct yet soft “beep” in the kitchen. The beep sounds intermittently but about every 20 minutes or so.  It has been beeping… Continue reading

An Unlikely Disciple

I have become increasingly concerned over the past 10 years over what I have perceived to be an increasing polarization of Americans — an increasing radicalization, a swell of extremism of polar opposites, an unwillingness to listen, an indefatigable commitment to never change, a rise in anger and frustration over feeling powerless to live with and around what one perceives… Continue reading